Beach Blvd. Flea Market

10 Helpful Tips for Shopping at the Beach Boulevard Farmer’s Market

It’s that special time of the year again when local farmer’s markets are getting back in full swing! By supporting Beach Boulevard Flea & Farmer’s Market in Jacksonville, Fl, you’ll be supporting local artists and vendors, which will make you feel really good about where your money is going. You also get to enjoy killer deals on fresh fruits and vegetables, browse through local artists’ latest works of art, and enjoy live music playing in the background as you stroll around. It’s the perfect event to check out during the enjoyable spring and summer months.

While the comradery of a farmer’s market is fun and exciting, it may be overwhelming to newcomers. With these 10 helpful tips, you’ll be hitting up Jacksonville’s largest and best farmer’s market like a pro!

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Beach Blvd. Flea Market

Why Shop at the Farmer’s Market?

Farmer’s Market’s are a great place to save and shop for fresh and locally-grown products. Over the years, numerous farmers have started selling farm fresh foods throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida at local farmer’s markets.

From paying less for fresh to supporting your local agricultural and farming community, the benefits of shopping at a farmers’ market rather than big boy grocery stores and retail supercenter are insurmountable. Think about it. Why would you pay more for food picked in states across the country and foreign countries, hundreds of miles from your home? Continue reading “Why Shop at the Farmer’s Market?”

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7 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Find at the Beach Blvd Flea Market

With over 500 vendors and a countless variety of items, you never know what you’ll find at the Beach Blvd Flea Market in Jacksonville.

Greek Food at the Flea Market

Delicious, authentic Greek Food is far and few between, especially when you live in Northeast Florida. NEW to the Beach Blvd Flea Market Food Court, you must try Nick the Greek! From traditional entrees like Gyros and Chicken Souvlaki to fresh Greek Salads and Hummus Appetizers…it’s so delicious, you’ll want to eat it all! Continue reading “7 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Find at the Beach Blvd Flea Market”