Tacos Pt II: Tacos Meche

I was worried that it might be tricky to write about a second taco stand, as I’d prefer to not have to choose a favorite. Luckily enough for you and me, tacos everywhere come in a variety of different kinds, styles, and flavors, and no two taco stands are exactly alike.

Taco Meche is the taco stand in the back left corner of the Beach Blvd Flea Market. There’s picnic table seating and if you’re lucky, a little live music. It was a Sunday and Taco Meche was busy but I waited patiently and soaked up the extensive menu. Once again, the language barrier between me and the menu was a hopeful sign of authenticity. I ordered one barbacoa taco, one carnitas, and the elote (Mexican street corn) from a nice lady behind the counter for a little under $10. I waited only a couple minutes for my name to be called and a delicious meal appeared in the window. 

Let me tell you… this was a MEAL. The tacos were simply a single home-made corn tortilla and a hefty serving of flavorful meat piled inside with no toppings. They were warm, tasty, and very filling. The elote was an enormous ear of corn covered in (what I believe to be) cotija, crema fresca, and chile powder among other things. The elote was incredibly messy and coated my face in chile powder and cotija, but it was so good that I ate it too fast and gave myself the hiccups! By the time I finished my plate, I was happy, full, and ready for a nap — all signs of a great meal. 

It’s also important to note that they did take card, and there was what appeared to be a toppings station of some sort in the middle of the eating area but I cannot confirm this, as I inhaled my food before noticing it.

Choosing between Taco Naco and Taco Meche really is an apples and oranges situation. They were both delicious and distinct in their identity. I truly cannot wait to return to each stand to try more of their menus! Thanks for the great eats, Taco Meche!

*My name is Logan and I help the Beach Blvd Flea Market with social media. I’ll be eating my way through the restaurants at the Flea Market for the next few weekends and writing about my experience! No one put me up to this and I’m paying for my own food. Why? Cause I’m just a guy who loves food!*