Available Space

Our tables are 3×8 ft. which include a 10×10 space, and our current starting price is $29.00 per day. If you need to rent a table near an electrical outlets there’s no extra charge. Only monthly vendors are allowed to leave merchandise after the market closes. The vendor is SOLELY responsible for securing of merchandise and ensuring it is properly locked down and/or secured prior to leaving the premises.

The monthly vendor units start at $325 + tax, and are significantly larger than individual tables. They start at 10×20 ft. and can be expanded based on availability. Units and tables are rented on a first come, first served basis and pricing varies by location and availability.

Reserve Your Space

All rentals must be done in-person. We cannot reserve spaces over the phone or via email. To reserve space at the Beach Boulevard Market, we ask that you visit our office during normal business hours. One of the managers working in our office will walk you through the process that are currently available for rent and help you complete the necessary paperwork. Be sure to bring proof of identification with you (e.g., driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.).

Merchandise Restrictions​

Due to certain restrictions put in place by outside agencies such as the Jacksonville City Health Department, some vendors may not be allowed to rent tables or units at the Beach Boulevard Flea Market. If you are unsure whether your merchandise can be sold in the market at this time, please call (904) 930-4149.

Vendor Opportunities & Questions