5 Tips For Your Booth At The Flea Market

How you set up your booth display can make or break your flea market business. Having great eye appeal is extremely important when setting up shop at a flea market. Questions that you need to ask yourself before setting up the booth is “How am I going to get people to stop in?”

1. Determine Traffic Flow:

Taking a walk through of the flea market and analyzing which area brings in the most people. Determine the angles in which shoppers will be walking by or into your booth and build a strategy around that! 

2. Display The Best Pieces:

Always make sure that your best pieces are front and center for customers to see when they first go to your booth. You want to be able to grab customers attention, before they get tired out from all the other booths. 

3. Keep The Clutter Out: 

Keeping your booth neat is more appealing to customers rather then a cluttered booth. Customers will tell that you put time and effort into your booth when it is clean and aesthetically appealing. 

4. Use Proper Signage: 

Make sure prices are clear to customers with proper signage. If prices aren’t clear to customers they might not bother asking and move on to the next booth. Don’t overwhelm your customers with too much signage or information. 

5. Keep Products Well Stocked: 

If you make your own products make sure to always try to keep your products well stocked for your customers. Customers like to have options when shopping and not feel like they have no other choices than what’s on the table. 

Make sure to always determine traffic flow, use the best pieces, keep clutter out, use signage and, keep your products well stocked. Keeping these tips in mind during your business endeavor at Beach Blvd Flea Market will be extremely beneficial.