Why Shop at the Farmer’s Market?

Farmer’s Market’s are a great place to save and shop for fresh and locally-grown products. Over the years, numerous farmers have started selling farm fresh foods throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida at local farmer’s markets.

From paying less for fresh to supporting your local agricultural and farming community, the benefits of shopping at a farmers’ market rather than big boy grocery stores and retail supercenter are insurmountable. Think about it. Why would you pay more for food picked in states across the country and foreign countries, hundreds of miles from your home?

1. The Farmer’s Market has FRESH Produce.

Farmers’ market products are as fresh as it gets. In comparison, produces at the grocery store is usually at least a few days old due to the logistics of transporting it internationally or across multiple states, not to mention unexpected shipping delays are often unavoidable.

2. The Farmer’s Markets Economically FUEL the Local Agriculture Community.

To compete with national and international growers, local farmers need your help. Shopping at local farmers’ economically fuels your local agricultural community by increasing the demand for local products while creating new opportunities for local farmers and increasing revenue for local growers overall!

3. You’ll Pay LESS for Fresh at the Farmer’s Market.

Why pay full price when you can pay a fraction of the inflated grocery store prices at your local farmer’s market? Not only will you pay less for fresh, you will also find discounted prices on organic products that you can afford compared to jacked-up prices found at the grocery store.

4. The Farmer’s Market has SEASONAL Produce.

Farmers’ market food is seasonal, fresh and ripe, which is good for your overall health. Grocery stores have food picked way before it has ripened, which reduces its nutritional value.

5. Farmers’ Markets Offer an Endless VARIETY.

If you like a variety when it comes to food than you’ll fall in love shopping the surplus of selection found at a farmer’s market near you! Not only will you find an endless selection of your favorite fruits, veggies and local products you love, you’ll also find things you’ve never seen or available in-stock at your neighborhood supermarkets.

6.  Farmers’ Markets Food Tastes DELICIOUS.

The taste of locally produced food cannot be compared to the food at a grocery store. Once you have tasted food from the farmers market, you’ll never want to step foot in the produce isle of the grocery store ever again!

7. The Farmer’s Markets is Stocked with LOCAL Products.

When you buy from a shop at the farmers market, you know where your food has been. Meeting and connecting with the local farmers gives you a great opportunity to learn about where the food has been processed and about the people who work hard to bring you the most nutritional food around. Most of the time you can even visit farms to see how the food is grown and served to the community.

8. The Farmer’s Markets Brings the Community TOGETHER.

Local farmer’s markets are a place where people in local communities can come together.  a great place to socialize – you and your family can meet members of your community. Sometimes, there are entertainment and classes held at local markets aimed at educating people about organic and locally sourced produce. You will always see people mingling with each other and having a good time. You can enjoy a sense of shared caring and belonging. Grocery shopping, in contrast, can be an isolating experience.

9. Shopping at the Farmer’s Market is Great for the ENVIRONMENT.

Farmers’ markets produce less environmental waste in the form of carbon monoxide associated with chemical fertilizers and pesticide use. Grocery store refrigeration, long storage and the need for transportation results in carbon dioxide emission that hurts the environment. Food at the farmers’ market needs to travel a shorter distance and is usually grown using natural methods that reduce the impact on the earth.

10. The Farmer’s Market Have HEALTHIER Nutritional Value.

With time, the nutritional value of food declines and the food items that have been sitting on grocery shelves or warehouses for days lose their freshness. It is best to eat food as soon as it is harvested. Many farmers use special farming methods to make sure the food stays fresh and ripe for a longer time.

Certainly, the farmers’ market is a definite winner in terms of all the benefits it offers. The best part is you can find a farmers’ market close to your home. If you are in Florida, Beach Blvd. Flea Market is must-visit for all your needs. Find out more at www.jaxfleamarket.com!