5 Tips When Shopping at a Farmers Market

Here at Beach Blvd Flea Market we had a wide array of fresh produce. Here are tips and tricks to have the best experience when shopping for produce!

1. Bring Small Change:
Most vendors do prefer cash, and it might be challenging to find vendors that take cards. Make sure to always bring cash, this will make for an easy and fast experience!

2. Go Early:
Going to the farmers market early will ensure the best and freshest produce options. The best items tend to go first, make sure to go early to get exactly what you need!

3. Buy In Bulk:
The best deals at the farmers market are usually when you buy in bulk. You’ll enjoy the best produce and the best prices!

4. Talk To The Farmers:
All of our produce vendors are local to Jacksonville, and would love to tell you all about all their fresh produce that they offer!

5. Bring Big Bags:
Make sure to bring bags that are big enough to fit all of your produce. Some vendors offer bags but it is not guaranteed so always come prepared!

For the best experience at Beach Blvd Flea Market we do recommend visiting us Friday through Sunday therefore you are able to see all of our amazing local vendors!