Fresh Reasons to Shop for Produce at the Farmers Market

When shopping for fresh fruit and veggies, the farmers market never disappoint. And what’s better than shopping outside in the sunshine while trying freshly-picked produce, grown and raised on local farms?

You’ll Pay Less for Organic Produce at the Farmers Market

Grocery stores are notorious for charging more for organic and non-GMO fresh fruits and veggies. But farmers markets have even fresher products, priced for less! Why does it cost so much more to shop in stores?

Unfortunately, shipping goods to stores do come at a cost, and consumers like you are the ones who pay. By buying goods from local growers, you skip out of paying in-store costs for fresher, riper produce you’re the whole family will love.

You’ll Help 
Support Local Harvesters at the Farmers Market

Buying local fruits and veggies is not only economical for you, but for your neighborhood too. Shopping at farmers markets helps support local farmers and works to drive the economy in your area. After all, why send your dollars across state lines by shopping in grocery stores? Instead, you can spend less and fuel agriculture success within your community.

You’ll Get Produce Picked at its Peak at the Farmers Market

Whether you’re cooking them or eating them raw, nothing compares to the fresh flavors of ripely picked fruits and vegetables. When purchasing produce from your local farmers market, you will find product picked at their peak freshness. Store-bought produce sits on the shelf for days, not to mention the time it sits while being shipped.

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