Taco Naco

Mexican cuisine is currently the second most popular menu type in America, and tacos are #trending harder than ever before. Tacos are popular because they’re fast, they’re cheap, and they can be infinitely customized based on local influence. Just one taco will suffice as a quick snack but mix-and-match four different tacos and you have a meal! But enough about why I love tacos…

If you’re looking at the Flea Market from the road, Taco Naco is the stand at the front left of the Market. I decided to pop into this particular stand based on a recommendation from a family friend who grew up in Mexico and frequents there often. I wasn’t sure what to expect because, well, I’ve loved every taco I’ve ever eaten. 

Much like Guanaroca from last week’s blog, the language barrier between me and the menu was a hopeful indication that I was about to eat some pretty authentic food. I ordered one barbacoa and one chicken taco “all the way” (all toppings) and a side of street corn from a man at the window for $9. They swiped my debit card and I was given a ticket with a number and told to take a seat.

Peering through some of the windows, I could see two women hand-making tortillas on a grill and I got extra excited. My ticket was called and two beautiful tacos and a cup of corn appeared in the window. If I could sum up my lunch in one word it would be: fresh. Two fresh, hand-made tortillas wrapped each taco. They definitely didn’t fall apart like the corn tortillas from Publix either… The meat in each taco was tender and flavorful, and the hand-chopped toppings were simple and complimentary — not too much but not too little. 

My Mexican corn was off the cobb in a cup, sort of like a little corn salad. The corn was hot and topped with cotija cheese and a sprinkle of cayan pepper. I actually really enjoyed that the corn was off the cobb as there was no need to floss afterward.

All in all, I had a delicious, fresh, cheap, and authentic meal for only $9 on a beautiful Saturday at the Flea Market. I would absolutely recommend Taco Naco to anyone shopping the Market on the weekend and I look forward to returning again!

*My name is Logan and I help the Beach Blvd Flea Market with social media. I’ll be eating my way through the restaurants at the Flea Market for the next few weekends and writing about my experience! No one put me up to this and I’m paying for my own food. Why? Cause I’m just a guy who loves food!*