How To Support Jacksonville’s Local Businesses

Here at Beach Blvd Flea Market, we want to give you 3 easy ways to support local Jacksonville businesses. Whether that be attending the flea market or stopping at a local coffee shop. These three tips help local businesses thrive and become successful.

1. Buy Local:

Before shopping and giving your money to with a massive corporation, check to see if any local Jacksonville businesses have what you are looking for. Choosing to shop locally is always better for the community. Whether that be a quick Google search or attending the Beach Blvd Flea Market for a wide variety of local vendors.

2. Social Media:

Supporting local businesses through social media is huge. Doing so gives local Jacksonville businesses exposure and possibly new customers. Giving positive feedback to local businesses not only shows support but is quicker than word of mouth. Whether that be through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or even leaving a review. 

3. Customer Loyalty:

The importance of customer loyalty impacts every category of local businesses. Without happy customers, the survival rate of the business is extremely low. New customers tend to cost more to acquire, which is why short-term money grabs don’t work as well. Having a loyal customer audience base is more important to local Jacksonville businesses. 

The Beach Blvd Flea Market is a great way to get in touch with an abundance of Jacksonville local businesses. Our vendors items range from furniture, clothes, tires, jewelry, food, appliances and produce, we are very proud to give local Jacksonville business owners a platform to show off their work and have a thriving business. The best days/times to visit are Friday-Sunday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, as this will give you the opportunity to see all of the businesses and everything they have to offer.