The 9 Do’s and Don’ts of Flea Market Shopping

There is no place else like the Beach Boulevard Flea Market. The buzz, energy, and excitement at this colorful bazaar simply can’t be touched by other, more-ordinary shopping experiences. The Beach Boulevard Flea Market isn’t only a great place for finding hidden gems and treasures, it also provides fun experiences for family, friends and yourself.

However, you can really enhance your enjoyment and opportunity to get some real deals, if you take a moment to learn the “ropes” of flea market shopping. With that in mind, below are some of the most important do’s and don’t’s to keep in mind when you make your visit to the Beach Boulevard Flea Market.

Flea Market Shopping

DO visit early on the first day

If you are looking for something specific, such as a 1950s era, blonde coffee table, you will want to get to the flea market early on the first day. Otherwise, chances increase that those types of deals will disappear before you get the opportunity to see them.

DO prepare for inclement weather

The Beach Boulevard Flea Market is held year-round, and certain times of year can be uncomfortably hot and unbearably cold unless you prepare. During the summer, wear sunscreen and wear a broad-brimmed hat if the flea market is outside. In addition, don’t forget to bring plenty of bottled water, if permitted, to keep yourself well-hydrated.

DO consider how you will transport large or bulky items

There is nothing more frustrating than to find a perfect item, then suddenly realize you haven’t made any preparations for carrying it home. That’s why driving to the Beach Boulevard Flea Market in a pickup truck or SUV is wise, and if you know you are going to buy particularly large items, towing a trailer is also helpful.

DO bring along a measuring tape, screwdriver, and batteries

You should always carry a measuring tape, screwdriver, and batteries with you to the flea market, particularly if you shopping for furniture or electronics. The measuring tape will enable you to know if a given piece will fit your vehicle and home, and the screwdriver and batteries will allow you to test used electronics.

DO carry a smart device with internet access

The power of the internet is an invaluable aid to the flea market shopper looking for bargains. That’s why you should always bring along a smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, that has internet access. You can quickly look up prices and values and have on-the-spot data helpful for making price offers.

DO have plenty of cash available

While some Beach Boulevard Flea Market vendors accept debit or credit cards, many would prefer or will only accept cash; that’s why having plenty of cash, mostly in small denominations such as ones and fives, is helpful.

DON’T be afraid to negotiate prices

The Beach Boulevard Flea Market incorporates a throwback form of selling, where negotiating and haggling is not only permitted but expected. Don’t be timid about making price offers to sellers, especially on high-dollar items. The seller will either respond with a lower price or politely decline your offer, so there is no harm in using negotiating tactics.

DON’T expose your valuables

While the Beach Boulevard Flea Market is a safe and family-friendly environment, it is always wise to conceal your valuables when shopping. Keep money safely tucked away in zippered compartments or front-pocket wallets, and avoid placing phones and other valuable objects in your back pockets.

DON’T leave too early on the last day

Just because it’s last day of the market doesn’t mean you need to go home early. Instead, consider the closing hours to be your best opportunity to find incredible deals. Most sellers are eager to lower their stock and increase their cash flow, and you can both benefit by holding out for last-minute bargains.

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