Guanaroca Latin Cuisine

I’m no stranger to the Flea Market. You’ll find me there many a weekend quietly browsing new vendors and snapping a few photos. I’ve gotten tire quotes from A&B tires, picked up a new pocket knife from the Knights Armory, and pressed my face against every glass case in the Toy Store. 

This weekend on one of my regular visits, it was HOT. I’m talking 100 degrees in the shade hot. So, it wasn’t long before I needed to take a seat and cool off. I wandered past the record store and into the food court to take a look around, and something about Guanaroca Latin Cuisine called my name. There was a line of people, which usually means there’s something worth waiting for. I only planned on grabbing a drink and a small snack but I locked eyes with the menu and couldn’t resist. Everything looked great, but man, am I a sucker for a fresh Cuban Sandwich. 

The line moved quickly and my order was taken by a friendly woman behind the counter, where I ordered the Cuban Sandwich with a side of fries and a bottle of water for $11. I’m happy to report that they do take cards, my water was ice cold, the fans above the tables give a nice breeze, and despite the line, my food was ready in about six minutes. 

I opened the box to reveal a huge, piping hot, fresh off the press Cuban Sandwich and fries that still sizzled from the fryer. The bread was thin and pressed just the way I like it and I was pleased to see black edges on the ham and swiss cheese, showing it had actually been pressed into the grill or plancha — no microwave funny business. Tender pork, mustard, and thin-sliced pickles were layered in adding to the sweet, savory, and tangy flavor profile I crave so often.  

Full disclosure… I am guilty of picking up most of my Cuban sandwiches on the fly from places like the Wawa down the street from my house. I’m not picky so it’s fine, but I enjoy the real deal every once in a while. There was nothing trendy about this Cuban and I say this as a most sincere compliment. You’ll find many different renditions of the Cuban at places all over Jacksonville with random ingredients thrown in to add a signature “spin” on something that, in my opinion, doesn’t need a spin. A well-executed, authentic Cuban is what I’m all about. I can say with complete certainty that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and look forward to returning to try the Ropa Vieja and the Pina Glace! Thanks for the good eats, Guanaroca Latin Cuisine!

Find Guanaroca in the food court this weekend in the middle of row C, and check out their menu on their facebook page at

*My name is Logan and I help the Beach Blvd Flea Market with social media. I’ll be eating my way through the restaurants at the Flea Market for the next few weekends and writing about my experience! No one put me up to this and I’m paying for my own food. Why? Cause I’m just a guy who loves food!*

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